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Who Are the Real Gangsters?

So I have had several interviews in the past months that asked if I ever knew of the government's involvement in organized crime, or if I knew "where Hoffa is buried." LOL Of course growing up in my family, around the people I rubbed elbows with, I saw how the Mafia in Detroit was intertwined with the local government. I have lots of stories I'd love to share, but, unfortunately, I am not comfortable talking about them. There are still people out there I do NOT want to upset. But I will say that I attended various "events" where the highest echelons of the local government were rubbing elbows with well known organized crime figures, as if they were family or old friends. The first time I saw this I was 19 and thought I was in the Twilight Zone. At the time I was still naive and had no idea that the biggest gangsters in the world were in fact our own elected officials. So what made me bring all this up? Well, the other day I got a bill for $1,700, from the orthodontist making my sleep "appliance." Haha, yeah, that's what they call it, an appliance. Maybe they think it will help justify the $5,000 they charge for the thing. The appliance, which is essentially a mouth piece to help my sleep apnea and snoring, required the reading of a CT scan. Hence the $1,700 bill. So here comes the racket. Doctors, people, are some of the HUGEST cons and scam artists in the world. They love to string you along and keep you coming in so they can bill and bill and BILL you more. Especially if you have good insurance. Oh, if you have good insurance, their effing eyes light up like a starving dog looking at a T-bone. My cousin works in the medical field and he tells me this all the time. Half of the doctors are hooked on pills, the other half are sexual deviants and perverts. And let's not forget the four girlfriends on the side who need their bills paid. These doctors have their mansions and vacation homes and Jaguars to pay for. Sounds to me a lot like a crime boss! Anyway, back to the $1,700 bill. It was to read a CT scan that I had gotten previously. To literally read it. How long it took to read it? Maybe 60 seconds. Just a one page report. I sat there and watched the doctor do it. Now this is at the University of Michigan Medical Center, one of the best doctors in the world, granted, but $1,700 bucks? Are you kidding me? Math is not my strong point, but by my numbers that means this doctor values his time at $102,000 an hour. Yes, let me write that out--one hundred and two thousand dollars an hour! This dentist is making more than a Wall Street hedge fund manager!!! How in the freakin' hell do these doctors get away with this? Well, it's simple. There are MANY powerful doctors involved in our government. Why? Because medical coverage is always a HUGE issue when it comes election time. Capitol Hill gathers a cadre of some of the country's most affluent doctors to advise on policy. Of course those doctors push for policy that makes sure the law stipulates that EVERYONE has insurance. That way, they can gouge the ever living heck out of the insurance companies on everything from office visits to, yup, you guessed it, reading a simple CAT scan. The end result is that we all end up paying unbelievably high insurance premiums, and ridiculous deductibles, if and when we get sick. We've all been there. And yet we elect officials who allow it. No, not just allow it, but propagate it. THEY are the criminals, the gangsters. I take several medications for my chronic migraines. When I filled a prescription the other day, the pharmacist told me that without insurance it would have been $800. Really, Big Pharma? A bottle of aspirin costs $1 dollar but this generic stuff is $800? Huh, how is this allowed to happen? Simple, Big Pharma is in cahoots with our government, same as the doctors. Oh, and don't get me started on my C-PAP supplies. $200 for a little plastic tube. $75 for the little plastic face piece that I have to replace monthly. $150 for the harness. Really? Guarantee the cost to make it all is $5 bucks. But since I have good insurance, they gouge away. We just pay in our insurance premiums and co-pays and deductibles. Nobody can start a small business anymore because the cost of insurance chokes them out. And the working man? He is tethered to his 9-to-5 because he needs insurance for his family. He can never strike off on his own and try to open a business or follow his dreams, because the government makes him buy insurance he cannot afford. Thousands a month. So he remains a sheep, a clone, a robot, just as Big Government wants it. They need the robots to keep their mafia alive. And guess what? It's those robots who elect those government mafiosi into office. Unreal. Now tell me, who is the biggest Mafia in the world? Who are the biggest gangsters, the biggest criminals? What is the largest criminal organization in the world? Our own government conspires year after year to rob and steal from us, to rape us of our hard-earned money, and they get away with it. They don't need guns. They don't need the threat of violence. They just sign in some bill and BOOM, they steal your money. But guess what? If I sat in a room full of people and rubbed my hands together like a greedy antagonist from a James Bond movie, and conspired to steal billions of dollars from the innocent public, I would be locked away for life. I would be painted out to be a monster. In prison I would be treated by dim-witted corrections officers like I was the scum of the earth. Yet our government, our doctors, our legal system, they all do the same and are revered as the elite and upper crust of our society. What the hell is wrong with this picture? I love life and enjoy every day like it's my last, but some days I can't help but think about the sick, twisted world we live in.

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