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Meet me in New York City!

Big thanks to Craig Timmins at National Crime Syndicate for that great PR piece. As the headline says, I will be exhibiting at booth # 2162 in NYC's prestigious Book Expo America/BookCon publishing convention - the largest publishing convention in North America. And to say I'm excited is a bit of an understatement. At the booth, I'll be selling copies of my debut novel, TO BE A KING Volume 1, as well as showcasing the sequel, TO BE A KING, Volume 2. (Actually, while I'll only be selling print copies of Volume 1, both volumes will be available to purchase in Kindle ebook format there at the show.) My business partner and best friend, Billy Usher, will also be there representing our start-up publishing company, Harbinger Media Group. And if that wasn't enough, we'll also be selling t-shirts from our brand new clothing line, "OUR THING" Original Gangster Apparel. Enough links for you? Well, let me throw one more out there. We have the pleasure of sharing our booth with my good friend, Larry Mazza, who will also be there selling his book, "The Life: A True Story About a Brooklyn Boy Seduced into the Dark World of the Mafia." If you aren't familiar with Larry's background, he served time in prison as well for his past life as a hitman for the infamous NYC Columbo crime family. We'll both be there at the booth for all four days of the conference (June 1-4). The first two days are industry attendees only, but June 3rd and 4th are open to the public. If you'll be in the NYC area then, come by the Javits and meet me! Grab some books and t-shirts, and get a selfie with us! I'd love to meet my readers. Just visit for more information. See you there!

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