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“The Lindbloom Chronicles” are a series of short autobiographical stories that chronicle my secret life as a criminal before I was sent to prison for 13-50 years. I began writing them in early 2016, for The National Crime Syndicate, a historical website that specializes in preserving Mafia history. Since then, they've been read nearly 2 million times! I'm currently up to Episode 20. Obviously, some names have been changed to protect the identities of certain individuals who may still be active in the life. These anecdotes are NOT intended to be a “tell all” about my life, but rather to enlighten the many fans who have expressed interest in my past and the world I grew up in. For the record, I am NOT that man anymore. Today I live a quiet, simple life in the woods of northern Michigan with my beautiful wife and our two cats. My days are no longer filled with street rackets and secret side hustles, but rather fishing, camping, 4-wheeling, and enjoying my freedom. Oh, and I also write. So, read on and enjoy!

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