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Each Friday night on my "OUR THING" Detroit radio show on 910AM Superstation, I interview two incredible authors who discuss and promote their books and tell their back story of how they got into writing. Each week I'll add their books here as Amazon Affiliate links if you want to purchase and read. Enjoy!

Promoted Titles:

Anthony Bucci - Infinity Crew

INFINITY CREW  By author Anthony J. Bucci, written while serving a 21-year sentence in Federal prison. 


Born on the mean streets of Boston, Vinnie Bruno learns a life of crime. The judge sent him to a juvenile detention center to teach him a lesson for a string of robberies. But instead of learning his lesson, Vinnie recruits his crew - the men who become his chosen family. Under cover of the perfect alibi, they break out at night to commit a range of thefts and sophisticated crimes. From the nefarious profits of these scores they build a cache of weapons and a significant stash of money. Once released, they use that cash to set up a ‘security company’ as a front that allows them to commit bigger and more daring robberies. But their perfect criminal enterprise is blown when their fence “Nicky Wrists” turns on them by selling them out to one of the many crime families that compete for ascendancy.The Infinity Crew realize what is happening, Vinnie’s sense of loyalty is offended, and they decide that maybe Nicky needs to be taught a lesson. A lesson that will change their lives in ways they would never have believed.

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CODY MUSKET, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: A 6-book series by author James Miller.  
Cody Musket is a Rookie of the Year candidate and former US Marine who carries dark military secrets which threaten to destroy him. Brandi is a gutsy single-mom journalist who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When the underworld sends three armed men to abduct her, Cody, a stranger, steps from the crowd and saves her, but the violent encounter unlocks the malignant demons of Cody's military past.

Brandi and Cody must now deal with the syndicate while battling their own painful issues. What events happened to Cody after his F-18 crashed in the Afghan desert? Will he ever remember? Why does he hear crying children in the night? Was there a cover-up? Brandi risks her life to learn the truth that will save the only man she has ever loved. A story of honor, uncommon courage, and finding faith.

Featured This Week on "OUR THING" Radio

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Vodka Shot, Pickle Chaster by David Kalis

For David, graduating from college was a matter of course, but figuring out what to do next with his life turns into a paralyzing decision. On a whim, he decides to travel to the Soviet Union. His loose plans call for a thirty-day tour of Leningrad, but after finding himself caught up in the middle of a coup d’état that destabilizes the country, he ends up staying abroad for two and a half tumultuous years. From surviving perilous run-ins with the Russian mafia and the Soviet military, to searching for his lost heritage in a remote village, David’s story is a riveting coming-of-age memoir. He finds that the road less traveled can lead to unexpected adventure, and that looking backward sometimes provides the best insight into how to move forward.

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Bloodborne, by Roytha James

Murders occur, leaving a string of pristine remains for the police. They have no visible injuries except for two curious incisions on the neck. It appears the victims were attacked by a vampire. The bodies are left without blood, the lack of which is what killed them; another fact that points to a vampire. Baffled police wonder if they need wooden stakes instead of guns for their investigation. And so begins the bizarre case of bloodless corpses for detectives Dobbs and Degree. They also follow an intriguing trail of keys that seem to connect the public buildings where the murders take place. How does the intruder enter these buildings without disturbing them? Does he turn into a fog and seep into rooms or fly through an open window as a bat? Ridiculous conclusions to the mounting question of keys. While the city is gripped with fear, the detectives narrow their pursuit as they unravel the puzzling clues. In the end, they find themselves at the psychopath's lair, and death is the only way out.

Other Suggested Books:

Dragon Storm Gates

The Dragon Storm Gates,

by Anthony DiPaolo

Inconvenient Facts

Inconvenient Facts: The Science Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know

by Gregory Whitestone

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.26.08 PM.png


by S. J. Peddie

Mafia International John Alite

Mafia International,

by Louis Romano

Nikki Luciano Fire Within Me

Fire Within Me

by Nikki Luciano

Mr. Christopher Would Like To See You

Mr. Christopher Wants to See You!

by Nikki Luciano

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.07.11 PM.png

Death by Vaudeville: A Journey back from the End of the World

by Fran White

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.32.12 PM.png

The Godfather's Daughter,

by Rita Gigante

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 3.07.20 PM.png

Gotti's Boys,

by Anthony M. Destefano

If a Wicked Man by John Lawson

If a Wicked Man: True Freedom Behind Bars,

by John Lawson

The Mazatlan Showdown

The Mazatlan Showdown,

by Patrick Weill

Blowback by H Max Hiller

Blowback: A Cadillac Holland Mystery

by H. Max Hiller

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