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Each Friday night on my "OUR THING" Detroit radio show on 910AM Superstation, I interview two incredible authors who discuss and promote their books and tell their back story of how they got into writing. Each week I'll add their books here as Amazon Affiliate links if you want to purchase and read. Enjoy!

Promoted Titles:

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DEMOCRACIDE: A NOVEL  By author Deborah C. Sawyer


Mitch Gordon thinks her career as a professional hacker is over. Happily retired, she embarks on an around-the-world odyssey, odd-jobbing her way through Dubai, Singapore,Thailand and Hong Kong. But, in early 2020, when the global pandemic starts, she finds herself stuck in Hong Kong, house-sitting for a couple of Australian expats, Fiona and Andy McAllister. What promises to be a mundane few months soon turns out to be anything but. As the weeks pass, Mitch finds herself ensnared in a complex web. First, a scientist from Wuhan she met back in Bangkok surfaces, trying to escape from the Communist Chinese Party. Then a fugitive democracy activist in Hong Kong enters her life, also on the lam but from the Hong Kong authorities. On top of that, Mitch starts to suspect Andy McAllister knows more about the causes of the pandemic than he is letting on. As conspiracy theories start to swirl, Mitch has no choice but to return to hacking, especially when she learns the CCP may be looking for her, too.

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CODY MUSKET, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: A 6-book series by author James Miller.  


Cody Musket is a Rookie of the Year candidate and former US Marine who carries dark military secrets which threaten to destroy him. Brandi is a gutsy single-mom journalist who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When the underworld sends three armed men to abduct her, Cody, a stranger, steps from the crowd and saves her, but the violent encounter unlocks the malignant demons of Cody's military past.

Brandi and Cody must now deal with the syndicate while battling their own painful issues. What events happened to Cody after his F-18 crashed in the Afghan desert? Will he ever remember? Why does he hear crying children in the night? Was there a cover-up? Brandi risks her life to learn the truth that will save the only man she has ever loved. A story of honor, uncommon courage, and finding faith.

Featured This Week on "OUR THING" Radio

Alan Berkshire Jungle

JUNGLE (Jungle Series, Book 1) By author Alan Berkshire

To think, Adam used to love camping. 


The black Dust fell for over a week. Adam Blake, a seasoned survival expert, was trapped in his first floor flat in a small suburb of southeast London--no food, no cell service, and no communication with the outside world. Then the dust stopped falling.

As the residents of Buckingham Avenue were left bewildered, there was no sign of help, no emergency services, no police. Just Adam and his confused neighbours. 

The storm was just as sudden--violent, coming out of nowhere. It was as if the town was cursed. Then came the vines. 

They overran every piece of grassland, park, wood, and forest. With the vines came small ape-like creatures. Now, surrounded by silent yet proficient killers, Adam may be the small neighbourhood's only hope of survival. He needs to escape the mysterious growth with the diverse and eccentric members of his community, desperate for answers. Then the true horror begins. 

Can Adam lead his neighbors to safety in their new, strange, and hostile world?


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Spellbound and Sensationless: A Drug War Vision. Best friends struggling with their drug-fueled past, embark on a journey of self-discovery which changes their lives forever.

What is a drug war vision? A personal vision. A battle with enemies known and unknown. Where did it start? Where is it going? Life continues to follow childhood friends Mark and Jason as they try to move beyond the memories and break the pull of the past. The drugs remain within reach, the law has made its statement, relationships have come and gone. The world waits for them to find their place. Spellbound and Sensationless. Love and Friendship. Art and Music. Drugs and War. A personal war.

A drug war is defined as an organized campaign against the production, trafficking, and use of illegal drugs. A vision can be defined as an idea or mental image. The war on drugs has created many visions for many years. Spellbound and Sensationless is one of those visions. A personal vision of a drug war that is fought every day in the heart and the mind, in homes, schools, offices, and on the streets. A vision of a world at war with itself, singular worlds in the midst of an unknown universe that is unable to see.

Share the vision.

Other Suggested Books:

Dragon Storm Gates

The Dragon Storm Gates,

by Anthony DiPaolo

Inconvenient Facts

Inconvenient Facts: The Science Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know

by Gregory Whitestone

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.26.08 PM.png


by S. J. Peddie

Mafia International John Alite

Mafia International,

by Louis Romano

Nikki Luciano Fire Within Me

Fire Within Me

by Nikki Luciano

Mr. Christopher Would Like To See You

Mr. Christopher Wants to See You!

by Nikki Luciano

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.07.11 PM.png

Death by Vaudeville: A Journey back from the End of the World

by Fran White

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.32.12 PM.png

The Godfather's Daughter,

by Rita Gigante

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 3.07.20 PM.png

Gotti's Boys,

by Anthony M. Destefano

If a Wicked Man by John Lawson

If a Wicked Man: True Freedom Behind Bars,

by John Lawson

The Mazatlan Showdown

The Mazatlan Showdown,

by Patrick Weill

Blowback by H Max Hiller

Blowback: A Cadillac Holland Mystery

by H. Max Hiller

The Cronocar.jpg

The Chronocar

by Steve Bellinger


Dealing with Early Onset Alzheimer's

by Sonia Discher


A.M.P.D - Artificial Military Prosthetics Division

by Thomas Hraynyk

Don Jones

A Story of Witchkind: Daniel Scratch

by Don Jones

The Viola Factor

The Viola Factor

by Sheridan Brown

Concrete Clues paperback

Concrete Clues

by Christine Burke

Two Floors Above Grief book

Two Floors Above Grief

by Kevin M. O'Connor

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